Video 101 | 3 Tips on How To Introduce Yourself on Video

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Have you wondered to yourself why your videos aren’t landing with your audience? Do you want to start working with video but aren’t sure where to begin?  We have some tips for you.

Updated October 11th, 2023

Video is king nowadays, especially on platforms like YouTube. Many wonder how to introduce themselves in their first YouTube video or how to make a lasting impression on their YouTube channel.

Google is heavily pushing video content on search, videos in written content boost your SEO, and countless millions of hours of video is uploaded to the internet every day. According to Alexa, YouTube is the 2nd biggest website on the internet. To top it all off? Most people click out of the video they’re watching within 20 seconds. The principles of starting with a good hook, the importance of being yourself in your intro, and why making your video about the audience are paramount to your YouTube introduction.

How do you stand out against that field? How do you make a first impression on video so that your audience stays with you? Today, this blog is going to take a look at these kinds of questions, and give you 3 tips to successfully introducing yourself and/or your video.

Before we dive into how to introduce yourself on YouTube or any other video platform, remember that you usually have just about 15 seconds to make a striking impression on your potential audience. Starting by just giving your name and your title is boring, and people will leave that video before you can finish your sentence. You won’t grow an audience or convince anyone to try your product that way. 

Without further ado, let’s get into our tips for you today.

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How to Introduce Yourself on YouTube or Other Video

1. Craft an Engaging YouTube Intro: The Power of a Good Start and a Hook

Like we mentioned above, starting with your name and position is boring. Nobody cares about Joe Smith, talking head of Company A in their YouTube vide introduction. People might care that Joe saw some interesting thing happen at the coffee shop today, though. Or that Joe learned an interesting fact recently. Let’s put it this way – think about your favorite YouTuber. How do they start their videos? Let’s use a popular channel, RealLifeLore, as an example; this channel saw a meteoric rise during the pandemic.

The videos start by introducing the topic that’s going to be talked about, usually with an interesting fact, accompanied with a story, and then going into the content of the video. In the most recent video posted, the creator starts by saying something seemingly shocking – Mexico City is sinking, by a lot, actually. Then, they linger on that statement by giving relevant statistics, before jumping into the story of the founding of Mexico City and its history. RealLifeLore as a creator is never introduced but you can feel where the introduction ends.

1a. Ignite Interest: How to Start Your YouTube Introduction

This is right where the video goes from a history lesson and a story you may not have heard, into modern problems as a result of the decisions made in the story and time’s march forwards. You might not be as connected to the later part of the video, but you’ve already been hooked and got invested in the story of the video, and you’re going to finish it as a result. 

An interesting hook is a great way to get your audience invested, and a story is arguably the best way to manage that. Stories tend to be more memorable than straight facts, because of the emotional investment in them. Emotional appeals make you more influential with new audiences. Those emotions help your viewers focus on your content and later recall that information.  Once you have your audience hooked, then you can introduce yourself. 

2. Treat the Camera Like a Person: The Importance of Being Yourself in YouTube Intros

One of your goals by putting out a video is to build trust by putting a face and name together with a message. You want your audience to feel like they’re having a conversation with you over drinks. 

The distances involved play a role in this. People hold their phones about half a foot from their face, and your camera is probably set up as if it’s a foot to a foot and a half away from your face. That’s about the length of the table you’d meet your friends at in the before times. 

Creating the feeling that you’re talking with your audience can be difficult, sure. But if you treat the camera like a person (or stick someone behind it) it becomes much easier. Having someone behind the camera gives you a person to talk to and be a working audience as your feet get wet.

2a. Consistency in YouTube Intros: Why It Matters

It is essential to maintain a consistent visual and auditory experience throughout your video. Pay attention to the quality of your recording equipment, lighting, and sound to ensure a professional-looking presentation. A polished video will not only retain your audience’s attention but also reflect positively on your brand image.

3. Prioritize Your Viewers: Making Your YouTube Introduction About the Audience

Authenticity is important to video communication, as is some charm, but preparation is the key. You should not only be preparing what you want to say ahead of time, but also who your audience is and what’s on their minds. 

Not preparing is going to make your video unclear, rambling, and confusing to audiences. That won’t do you or the audience any good and it could leave a negative impression on them. Go in with a game plan and you’ll be more confident, your message will be clear and on-topic. Plus, guiding your audience to your eventual end goal is much easier. 

3a. Foster a Strong Community: The Role of Audience Engagement in YouTube Intros

Engaging your audience in the comments section can significantly impact your video’s success. Actively responding to questions and comments helps build a sense of community and encourages viewers to invest in your content further. By fostering this connection, you can create a loyal audience that eagerly anticipates your future videos.

Remember, the video is to get your audience to know you and your brand better. Go in prepared and being yourself, have a strong hook and the video content should take care of itself. In public speaking, the general idea is you should prep for one hour per minute of talking. This is a strategy you should employ in video introductions as well. Video production is another animal, one that we’d also be happy to help with. 

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