Video SEO

It’s a little known fact that a video can be optimized to appear on the first page of search results when Video SEO is performed on the video itself. 

When someone is searching for something online

they are already interested in the topic or industry, this means that half of the work in converting them into a customer is already done.

Adding Video to YouTube for SEO

Video created can be an excellent asset for SEO ultimately saving money on paid ad spend. Once the energy is spent producing a video, it is best to utilize it across many channels especially on YouTube, because Google holds video at the highest regard when indexing online assets. 

Video appears in search results in the form of embedded videos on your website, A study from Searchmetrics reveals 62% of Google universal searches include video, and that 8 of 10 of the video results come from YouTube rather than other video platforms. 

Here are a few best practices to maximize your SEO on Video

  1. Publish on YouTube
  2. Write keyword-rich titles and descriptions
  3. Embed the video on your website
    • Videos can be woven into previously published content like blogs or FAQ’s
    • Videos can be packaged on a single page separating them by category
    • Furthermore, the he best option is to do “a “and “b” as well as create a page per video to creat more crawlable urls or landing pages.

What if there are videos that are less exciting, but we put in the work to produce them?

If you have videos in your library of marketing assets that were created for something specific, like Amazon Shopping, they may not be the most engaging videos.  This may be because they are detailing the aspects of the product or user tutorials.  If this is the case an option would be to put them on an “Amazon Product” YouTube playlist and then have them embedded on a page on your website. 

This page does not need to be attached to the main menu to appear in a search result. 

Gathering these videos in a playlist on YouTube also avoids distracting customers from the more splashy sales videos, however, they may attract the right audience while assisting organic search efforts.

A strong video with Video SEO

behind it is an excellent way at convincing potential clients you are the company they want to choose. Bean Media Productions was one of the first companies in Buffalo NY capable of producing these results. Because of our early entry in the field, we can boast of our knowledge and capability in the Video SEO industry; not just in Buffalo NY.

Bean Media has been successful

in gaining national ranking for videos we performed Video SEO on. A video on the first page of search results, on search engines such as Google, is one of the most powerful ways a business can capture the attention of their audience. If your company has a great video, we can optimize it.

If you need a video…

…what are you waiting for? Let us help you you tell the world what you are great at!

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