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When we opened shop almost 15 years ago, the world of Video Production was much different than it is today. That being said, having professional video is more essential than ever for companies of all sizes. Very early on, we saw YouTube as a way to reach potential customers for our clients

High Production, High Value

Creating a high level video requires experience, equipment, and preparation. We consider ourselves specialists in taking your message, and crafting it in a way that you’re proud of. This philosophy has held true in the video industry, and has really helped us to refine other areas of what we do too.

Sitting down and being in front of the camera isn’t easy.
We aim to help you craft your message in a simple, conversational manner. Just like having a coffee shop conversation. We take those bits of raw passion and fortitude that you represent and can create a core video, multiple videos, and whatever else you may need.

video optimization

Using many of the techniques of Search Engine Optimization, Video SEO has been a pillar of Bean Media’s success over the years, and always provides a solid addition to drawing organic traffic.

video animation

With changes to how your consumer interacts with media, specifically the amount of time spent on mobile devices and social media, attention spans aren’t what they used to be. Crafting quick messages using text and animation can get your point across quickly, and provide subliminal reminders of who you are to your
targeted consumer.

custom audience targeting with video

These are the most important questions for us. We can craft a video program that is best suited for your marketing needs. Using both organic and paid concepts, we can custom tailor a targeting method to get the right eyeballs on your video.
If you’re interested in talking about a video project, or would like to hear more about how we can help you use video to promote your business, just give us a call at the office, or reach out via contact form!

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