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Our world is increasingly online and the COVID-19 pandemic certainly pushed that to be even more true.  Nowadays, traditional marketing tactics still work, but digital marketing is the king of advertising.

Big box national chains are sure to dominate search listings when customers are looking for things. For example, when someone searches for “hardware store near me”, Home Depot, Lowes, Harbor Freight, etc absolutely dominate search listings. You want to even the playing field. That’s where internet marketing and local SEO comes in. We’ll come back and touch on this again in a minute.

The goal today is to give you an idea of just how necessary internet marketing is now. You’re always welcome to reach out to the best digital marketing team in Buffalo.

The Bean Team social media marketing plan.

So, why is internet marketing so important?

Well, that’s pretty simple. We’re more online than ever before. People want to purchase things from brands that interact with them like they are people and not a dollar sign.  Why do you think Wendy’s Twitter account exploded in popularity? In 2018, their revenue increased by 49.7%, largely due to the snarky remarks the account makes.

Of course, making a Twitter account and taking jabs at people and brands isn’t going to work wonders for everyone. But making a social media account that you use to regularly interact with your customers is going to build awareness, and eventually loyalty. As you’re aware, loyalty leads to sustained sales over time. Which is why you’re here! 

That being said, social media marketing is far from the only tool in the internet marketing tool belt. Your website is a major factor. Arguably the biggest. Think of it this way, your website is your digital storefront, and the internet and various search engines are the roads people are traveling. If your store window had a board over it, then people would be less inclined to go inside. The same principle applies to your website. If there are issues with how quickly it loads or general user experience (UX/UI), then people are less likely to see it and buy from you.

Back to Local SEO in Digital Marketing.

Boost your local seo with digital marketing from bean media productions.

Let’s get back to local SEO for a minute. Why is it key for digital marketing strategy? Because it’s the best way to get your store in front of the eyeballs of potential customers. You’re probably never going to rank for “best hardware store.” However, you can have a chance to rank for “best hardware stores in buffalo, NY” or better yet, “locally-owned hardware store near me”.

The people most likely to buy your product or use your service online are the same people who were coming into your store before. You want to have a local digital presence so that they know where to find you in the internet age.

If you do it right and have quality content on your site, you could even land in Google’s Local Pack. That’s the map that shows 3-5 businesses that provide the service you’re looking for, without having to click a website. It means local SEO is more critical than ever. Here’s an example, you can find us on the Local Pack if you’re in the Buffalo/Tonawanda area and search “internet marketing”! Isn’t that neat?

We could write an entire blog series on just local SEO, so let’s leave it there before this gets too crazy. You probably just want the basic concept. Digital marketing is paramount to surviving in 2021 and into 2022, and local SEO is a pretty significant slice of that pie. 

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