Do The Pandemic Pivot | Surviving the Pandemic in Business

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Advertising, Buffalo SEO Agency, Content Marketing, Design, Digital Marketing, General, News, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media

Business as usual is a phrase many, if not all of us long for lately. When ostensibly everything short of gas stations and grocery stores shut down, we were all caught off guard and flat footed. If you owned a business, fear was probably all that you felt.

If you own a business, running said business is a significant part of your life, or to be frank, your life. The pandemic forced thousands of businesses to close and then close down for good, but it also forced those that could survive valuable lessons in adapting to change.

GeoJam’s Journey

Geojam, a company founded by Sarah Figueroa, is a company built from a social media platform to connect people at concerts, shows, and festivals out of a shared interest or love of an artist. The small start-up booked 50 shows at colleges around the country, and then, it happened.

But, as New York Times columnist Paul Sullivan writes, “In March, Ms. Figueroa decided to use her company’s technology to directly connect artists with their fans, with a similar engagement model.”

Connecting Fans and Artists

Geojam was just about to get off the ground running with a huge nationwide tour and online campaign, then Covid hit and the entire premise of the business, and social platform, had to pivot. So Figueroa did just that. The platform now offered fans the opportunity to connect with artists on facetime and zoom. Fans could directly support the artists they like and get to meet them in the process.

Machine Gun Kelly jumped on board the opportunity—usually performing hundreds of shows a year, MGK’s agent said, “With limited shows, we want to keep as much energy in the fan base as we can and give them the incentive to listen to records and get once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.”

Change to Survive

We must be able to pivot in times like these, our survival depends on it. But the pandemic did make us more aware of problems and thereby forced us to create solutions in our day to day. Communication apps like Zoom and Facetime saved businesses and families from falling apart. The public health of everyone, not just our own, became crucial. People that didn’t wash their hands… well they probably still don’t, but you started doing a better job of it. People and businesses have changed, for better or worse, but it has been a necessary part of dealing with the reality of this mess.

Don’t Ignore, Adapt

Seeing a company like Geojam recognize the necessity to pivot during trying times isn’t unlike what we saw in our own neck of the woods. It became clear that there were going to be two types of business owner getting through 2020..

  1. Head in Sand, Hold on for Dear Life
  2. Adjust, Forge Forward, Survive & Advance

There may not be a right answer depending on the industry of a company in crisis. What can be counted on however, is the need for digital messaging during crises. Tools like video, blogging, and advertising can truly help get a necessary message out. 

We Can Help

If you need help adapting to the changes to make your business not just survive, but thrive, we have the team and track record to help you get there. You can read more here about what we do here at Bean Media Productions.