Strange Daze – What We can offer to ANYONE needing to get vital messaging out

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Media, News, Text Animation, Video

These are trying times. Nobody saw this coming, but here we are. As a full service digital media agency, we are working remotely and on task under these circumstances. We have done this before here in Buffalo, with blizzards coming a few times every winter.

We are offering a helping hand to anyone who needs help getting any vital digital messaging. Here are a few ways we may be able to help you get necessary messages out to your customers, your employees, or whoever you need to during this remote era we’ve just been thrust into. 

Text Animation Videos

Text animation videos can be used to help get important messaging out during these strange times. If there is anything that your organization needs to explain to folks during this era we are entering, under these circumstances, we can flip over video quickly and get back to you to disseminate amongst your users/clients/partners/colleagues

Remote Interview/Statements

Similar to the text animation, if your company or leadership needs to communicate a clear concise message from the heart, we can remotely record anyone with an Iphone 7 or above using special remote video software. It saves everything to the cloud, enabling us to adjust realtime, communicate with you, as well as edit without ever needing to make content. We can upload the video to dropbox and you can download and use however you need, whether for internal communication or external. 

Blogging/Writing Services

Your website blog can be a source of information in a longer format than a quick tweet or Facebook post. We can utilize your existing social following to disseminate messaging you need within your blog for more detailed information. We can also utilize email marketing to help push your message as well. 

If any of these things seem like they could help you solve any of your problems, or you find that this helped you better understand something else we can help with, please don’t hesitate to call! We are all in this together!