What Mr. Bean on Facebook Means for Business in 2020

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Content Marketing

We’ve spoken on the blog before about how music from 30 years ago can be repackaged and rebranded in a new way for today’s user in 2020. Sure… we might be a little nerdy for even spending time to talk about Bob Seger and Mr. Bean on a digital marketing blog. What it demonstrates however is how video can be, and NEEDs to be broken down for content distribution in today’s social media driven landscape. Here’s a few reasons why Mr. Bean is showing how you should be using your video content. 

You Choose Your Audience

In the old days of advertising, if you’re looking at a print campaign or a billboard or even buying a TV spot, you’re putting a whole lota eggs into that basket. You have to ensure you’re getting the return on that bottom line. Months of planning and meetings to ensure that Call-to-action or tagline is perfect is something you don’t need to do anymore. When you release your content and or run digital advertising, you can see the data come in live. You can count the times people saw your digital billboard. You can choose the people who see your former newspaper ad in the form of targeting. You can run your video on people’s smart TV using a custom audience. 

ReUse – RePurpose

We truly recommend you revisit the comedic genius of the silently expressive Mr. Bean on his Facebook Page. Seeing content from yesteryear that holds up in today’s world is a testament to the hilarity of Mr. Bean, but seeing it be shared through Facebook is interesting to us because we spend so much time spreading content around. A Blog can be a quick explainer video which could be a social post which could draw comments that draw a lead to you. An older, longer video can be chopped up and used for video seo and made into 10 videos. The use of video for SEO is extremely undervalued and can really help your organic traffic. 

Engage Your Pack

Your audience may not be fit for Mr. Bean comedy, we get it. You may not have a silent hilarious CEO that will engage millions of people on a video of a guy plucking his nose hairs. BUT, engaging with your audience in a lighthearted, loving way is very important. We will always keep your ROAS in mind, and getting that return is our ongoing challenge as your agency. What gets lost sometimes in the world of marketing however is how important it is to maintain touch with your audience. 

Think of it this way. 

Google, display and search advertising, is perfect for the user who is out in “the ocean” as we call it. These folks are looking around the unknown of the vast matrix frontier ocean that is the internet for answers.

We need to be in front of these people WHEN THEY ARE LOOKING.

Social channels, like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, these are more what we call “The User’s Pond.” This “pond” in contrast to the vast unknown of the ocean, is theirs. We are putting our content or ad in front of them on their own property.

When we are talking about these forms of content, we don’t want to be pushy or invasive on their property, we need to just maintain touch and form a relationship with them. 

So, Mr. Bean may not be exactly what you want your ad or video content to look like, we understand that. But understanding how you can maintain touch with your potential buyers, clients, users without turning them off is a constant challenge. What seeing Mr. Bean on Facebook videos shows us is that this process is taking off, and it’s something we’ve been privy too for a while. Digital Video gets complicated, not only the production.

Take it from us, it has changed a lot in the last 15 years. It’s vital to have a team to help you navigate the production of video, and it also takes a team to help you disseminate that video the right way, with a plan, and to grow your audience. 

Okay, now you can watch the Mr. Bean Videos… haha