Video Killed the SEO Star?| Video SEO on the Rise

by | May 1, 2018 | General, Video

5 million YouTube videos are watched every day.

3.25 Billion hours of videos are watched each month.

20% of all people will leave a video in the first twenty seconds of viewing it.

Plus, YouTube is coming out with a new television streaming service, so these numbers are bound to increase in the next year exponentially.

More likely than not, you have watched a YouTube video today. If you do not currently have a YouTube channel, today is the day you make one. If you have a YouTube channel, and don’t use it, you are losing out on a hugely popular social media site. Video SEO is the perfect way to get engagement, and take advantage of this ever growing web presence.

Like any other type of SEO, Video SEO must be carefully managed. Bean Media Productions has a video specialist that is able to optimize video content to make it interesting and relevant to your customer base. Think about posting videos that:

  •     Review your product or service
  •     Showcase happy customers
  •     A visual testimonial
  •     Offer a glimpse of daily workplace tasks
  •     Interview your team

YouTube has great marketing potential because it can simply serve as a way to be discovered. Think of how many times you have discovered a “new” song or artist just by looking up something you heard on the radio? You can now market your business the same way. Just by being on YouTube increases your chances of being recognized by a potential customer.

Building a YouTube channel can be hard work. Don’t let the challenge scare you. Bean Media Productions can help you with video SEO that will allow this giant platform to work for you. Our in house creative team will help you make interesting and creative videos that will get you noticed on this giant platform.  Call Bean Media Productions today so we can start making videos for you! We look forward to working with you.