Spilling the Beans: My 3 months as a Digital Marketing and SEO Professional

by | Apr 29, 2022 | blog, Buffalo SEO Agency, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Buffalo, Graphic Design

Hello and welcome back to the Bean Media blog. In an ironic sense however, I must bid you all farewell as my internship with Bean Media Productions has now come to a close. Once again, my name is Khalil Gordon and I am a senior at Canisius College studying Integrated Marketing Communication. Don’t remember me? That’s fine, you can read about your’s truly here.

Walking into 1868 Niagara Falls Blvd Suite 101, Buffalo NY

On February 1st, almost perfectly 3 months ago, I walked into the office for the second time; though the first as an official intern. Jeremy loaded me up with a bunch of introductory videos and tutorial articles and I got right to work on what has been the most fulfilling experience of this semester. When I started my internship my goal was to do all my early projects so well that they would have no choice but to give me harder work. A goal which I like to think I’ve completed with flying colors. 

The WNY Intern Experience

During my time at BMP, I have come to learn a lot about digital marketing. In particular, I have gained a very in-depth understanding of organic SEO management, which was what I spent most of my time doing. To date I have written 11 blog posts, worked on 7 pages, conducted and transcribed 5 interviews, designed a number of thumbnails on Canva, and more that currently slips my mind. What I’m trying to say is that they’ve been keeping me really busy here, but I wanted to try my hand at a number of different responsibilities. I’ve even done some social media research; no one actually told me to do that.

The Space to Learn and Grow

Interning at BMP has afforded me the opportunity to put a lot of skills I had learned in the classroom into practice. To that end, I suppose I owe my digital marketing professor an apology for how much I implied that I would never use this stuff in real life. I really missed the mark on that one. What I value most about the experience however is that once I was able to prove my aptitude for the field, I was given a lot of creative freedom in how I tackled my assignments. 

To a Fantastic Group of People

In this small office just off of Niagara Falls Boulevard in Buffalo, I got to work with people who have found a genuine passion in their work. It’s a small team, and because of that I was able to work on a project with everyone in the office. I was worried about going into an agency that I’d have to work with clients who were shilling snake oil. Fortunately, Mike, Jeremy, and everyone else in the office had similar concerns and made sure that everyone they worked with had a good moral fiber and a quality service.

With that, I would like to offer a sincere thank you to the WNY digital marketing agency that gave me my first professional experience. To Matt Kamholz, my fellow copywriter and SEO manager; to Matt Ryan the videographer for helping me with the interview project, to Alexis Holmok and her graphic designs and her help with web design, to Jeremy for all his mentorship and always keeping my up-to-date on what he was working on, and finally to President Mike Bean for being so welcoming and encouraging. To the team at Bean Media Productions: Thank you for having me!

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