SEO Tips for Optimum Return

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Buffalo SEO Agency, Digital Marketing

No matter what digital marketing agency you work with, there are rules to the game of SEO. These rules can be found throughout the internet, you can summarize and bi-line a contract however you want. Every SEO project is different and requires a different first step to get going in the right direction. Some clients may have approached SEO for 15 years, working with different people to help their optimization over the years. Some clients may be launching their first website.. Regardless, there are rules to the game of SEO and the agency you’re talking to didn’t write them..

Remember…Google Wrote the Book

Whether you are a business here in Buffalo NY, or around the country, keeping up on your SEO is imperative to your business. Let’s be clear again, whoever you choose to work with to help you with your search engine optimization did not write the book on how to rank. Google is the book on how to rank. 

Whoever you choose to work with should respect the process enough to understand that Google is the key-holder to the success of an SEO campaign. Things have changed within the SEO landscape as Google has changed it. Working to follow the trends and keeping in tune with the tools that Google provides is paramount to any successful SEO strategy. 

Algorithms are not written by digital marketers. 

Patience and Purpose are Vital

Specifically talking about your ORGANIC traffic strategy when we talk about patience and purpose. Your SEO strategy is our baby. SEO takes time, and it takes a concerted effort between client and agency. We aim to provide you purposeful content that not only tackles the technical aspects of SEO, but can also be purposeful for the user. 

Blogs and web content being fresh and repetitive and consistent are vital to SEO, but you can get a lot more out of it than just rankings. You can utilize your blog to host an explainer video, as a newsletter posting, or a social media boosted post. The options for content are unlimited, and cross referencing our blog plans with your social strategy can really provide a solid return. 

“You can utilize one blog article to host an explainer video, as a newsletter posting, or a social media boosted post. The options for content are unlimited, and cross referencing our blog plans with your social strategy can really provide a solid return.” 

By putting in motion a proven timeline for success, we can ensure we help rise the keywords you need to show up for in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). When you focus on the right keywords, and work that process the right way from the beginning, you can ensure you will see your ORGANIC traffic rise, along with the total number of keywords increasing their page positioning. 

Having a Plan Helps

When you partner with a digital marketing agency, regardless of industry, that agency team should be in place strictly to help you manage what you need to. We are here to take work off your hands, not put it on your plate.

If you are a company or business who has worked with SEO in the past, you know the work that needs to go into it to see consistent results. We are here to provide relief for your business. There is a lot we can to to bank ideas, brainstorm, and be creative with your website content that requires no work on your part other than being in touch with our content developers 1-2 times a month. 

We have found however, that the amount of feedback our clients provide can be even more instrumental on positive SEO results. Using informative facts, FAQs from video interviews or podcast interviews have provides us with some of the richest content to date, and again, this helps build your overall digital experience for your customers or clients. 

We can help build a blog bank and content strategy that supports your company’s mission and values, and you can help as much as you choose to, or not to. Up to you!

These are just a few tips and suggestions for anyone looking for a digital marketing team to help them with SEO. Any professional SEO provider will have a little bit different sauce, so do your due diligence when seeking SEO help. 

Last thought on helping you find an SEO specialist for your business…

You can choose to pay for a pizza maker, or you could choose to pay for a chef, it just depends on what you’re cookin! That’s what you’ll end up eating when the meal’s ready.