Avoid the Lawsuit by Ensuring Your Website is ADA Compliant

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Hello and welcome back to the blog here at Bean Media Productions! Here we like to give you a little sneak peek beanhind the scenes of our little slice of the internet and digital marketing as a whole. Recently, we’ve talked at length about how you can enhance your digital presence to reach more customers, and today we wanted to shift focus slightly. You need to ensure your web development and design is ADA compliant, closing a potential lawsuit exposure. We’ll talk about how the ADA has been updated to the digital age, and cover a case involving Target not having a compliant website. Noncompliance is a real issue with real consequences, so read on! 

There’s no denying that ADA compliance in web design is a key business strategy. It makes sure your digital platform is accessible to all users. And it can protect your business from legal trouble and improve your online visibility. So, let’s dive deeper and find out why this is key for every Buffalo business.

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Grasping ADA’s Influence in Digital Space

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been vital in building inclusion since its birth in 1990. Yet, ADA standards had to adapt as the world pivoted towards digital. The core goal: to ensure that all platforms, including websites, are accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities.

ADA Standards: A Vital Aspect of Web Design

ADA guidelines can be seen as a compass, guiding businesses on how to create inclusive websites. It enables screen reading compatibility, magnifies text sections, and more! These guidelines keep the promise of accessible web design for all your visitors.

Businesses that neglect ADA guidelines risk more than just lost potential. In recent years, there has been a surge in lawsuits against businesses with non-ADA compliant web designs. These cases serve as a reminder that accessibility isn’t just an ethical choice; it’s a legal one.

Looking at NFB vs Target’s Web Accessibility Lawsuit

Looking at the lawsuit between target corp and the national federation for the blind, with ada web compliant design at its heart

The legal risks of skipping ADA guidelines can be harsh, as the landmark case between the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) and Target Corporation shows. In 2006, the NFB filed a lawsuit against Target for their website’s inaccessibility to the blind, alleging violations of the ADA and California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act and Disabled Persons Act.

Target’s inability to meet web accessibility standards resulted in a 2008 settlement. The corporation was required to pay $6 million in damages and had to revamp its website to cater to people with disabilities. For three years, Target’s site accessibility was monitored by the NF. Their web development team then underwent training.

This case set a precedent, highlighting the importance of ADA compliance in web design. Not just for ethical or reputational reasons but also for avoiding significant financial penalty.

The Reputational Damage from Non-ADA Compliant Web Designs

The ripple effects of ignoring ADA compliance extend beyond the courtroom. In today’s connected world, businesses with inaccessible websites risk reputational damage. Which could result in losing the trust and respect of potential customers. It sends a clear message – if you don’t care about accessibility, do you really care about your customers?

Aside from the legal consequences, Target’s case shows another critical factor – the reputational damage endured. This high-profile case put a spotlight on the corporation’s lack of accessibility, causing a potential loss of trust and respect from consumers. It sent a clear message to businesses worldwide. Businesses with inaccessible websites risk reputational damage and can lose credibility with potential customers, damaging the very foundation on which their brand is built.

Remember, in today’s digitally-connected society, a brand’s online reputation can make or break its success. With an ADA compliant website, businesses can showcase their commitment to inclusivity and gain trust from their audience, an invaluable asset in today’s competitive market.

Advantages of ADA Compliant Web Designs for Buffalo Businesses

bean media's tool for ensuring ada compliant web design, accessibe

But ADA compliance isn’t just about dodging legal bullets or safeguarding your image. It’s about nurturing an ethical, accessible digital environment that everyone can enjoy. Plus, it can even give your SEO a boost, making your business more visible to potential customers and improving your reach.

Stand Out with ADA Compliant Web Designs

In the bustling digital landscape of Buffalo, an ADA compliant web design is more than a feather in your cap—it’s a beacon, signaling to customers that you value inclusivity. And in today’s socially-conscious market, this can help you build loyalty, foster a positive brand image, and ultimately stand out from the competition.

Ensuring ADA Compliant Web Development with Bean Media

Luckily for you, we have the tools available to ensure your website is ADA compliant without overhauling your entire web design when you don’t need to. We have brought in a clever little plugin and tool called AccessiBe that adds an ADA-compliant layer to your site, with awesome features like screen reader mode, enhanced contrast, seizure safe profiles, keyboard navigation, and more. If you want to see the whole suite of features, click the little green circle with a person inside and watch how they change our website without us having to change out the graphic design. This tool seamlessly integrates behind the scenes of your website, ensuring ADA compliance. 

Maintaining ADA Compliance with Continuous Updates and Audits

The journey to ADA compliance isn’t a one-off task. It’s a continuous process that requires regular updates and audits to meet evolving standards. But you don’t need to worry. Bean Media, your trusted digital partner maintains your website’s accessibility and adapts to new standards and user feedback, ensuring that your digital platform evolves to meet your customers’ needs.

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