Industry Talk | Do You Know About #AskAdwords?

by | Aug 15, 2018 | General, Google Ads, News, Search Engine Optimization

Hey! This is Alexis writing on behalf of Bean Media Productions. This week I am taking over our social media with the #SocialMediaMegaphone. I decided to dive deeper into Google this week and do a little bit of research on the largest search engine. Here’s my take on one of the more interesting campaigns Google takes part in!

When it comes to questions about products, or complaints about services, it seems like the whole world is taking to twitter to vent. Some people seek validation, while other people seek reimbursement or just want the general population to know their opinion on a specific subject. You might be asking yourself why people wouldn’t just google search these things, or call a customer service number. On a personal note, there is something satisfying in having a real person answer you almost automatically on social media. But if the company doesn’t answer back, it speaks volumes on their customer service skills.

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Google has taken to Twitter to answer questions about their marketing tools and other services they provide for those in the Digital Marketing world. They call the segment #AskAdWords. This video podcast, if you may, is a show where two google professionals answer all the questions users have. These questions are sent to them via social media sites, mainly Twitter, using the #AskAdwords.

The episodes I watched tackled everything from search problems, to billing to click bait. The episode that caught my eye had to do with SEO, Ad Words, and how it all comes together in a complete package.

The user asks a question on whether or not it is a good idea to start doing SEO after they have already had success with Ad Words. And the answer is YES! Having paid ads pop up at the beginning of the search is a great way to gain traffic to your site. But, what if the search does not have any ads?  If you are constantly at the top of a search pages, or on the first page of results, you are way more likely to gain sales or site traffic. These organic searches will only come from creative, relevant content and well managed SEO campaigns.

Here at Bean Media Productions we have a team of writers who will help you create that optimized content in order to boost those organic search results. We will help you choose the most relevant keywords for your company. Your SEO campaign will fit hand in hand with the adwords campaign you are running.

If you are interested in learning more about the #Askadwords campaign you can watch the video below. You can search the #AskAdwords on Google+, Twitter or Facebook for more info, or you can just ask us! Bean Media Productions can help you boost traffic buy building your SEO keyword rankings and Google Ad campaigns. AS Google Partners, we’ve worked with clients of all sizes, and we’ve built a reputation for building traffic patterns, and maximizing the return on your investment in us. 

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