Youtube Ads | More Than Just a Skip Ad Click

by | Aug 24, 2018 | News, YouTube Ads

Digital media is a constantly moving target. The powers that be, Google & YouTube, are constantly shifting their ideas, unveiling new features, and constantly staying ahead of the curve. Essentially Google & YouTube ARE the curve when it comes to online marketing. Digital marketing teams all over the world work off these constant updates and changes, and try to keep up in order to provide the best product for ROI.

YouTube marketing is something that Bean Media has been a part of for almost ten years. With a backbone built on video production, seeing the correlation between search engine optimization and YouTube video became a BMP staple long before YouTube was purchased by Google. Today as it stands, Bean Media is a registered Google Ads Partner, and with that expertise comes a driving confidence in our video work.

Coupling the right video, with the right targeting audiences, can really become an affordable and influential part of any organizations marketing plan.

So why not take a little time to talk about the various types of YouTube ads that are available in today’s marketing world?

Types of YouTube Video Ads

TrueView In-Stream

These video ads are the original style. The video advertisement chosen plays to the user prior to their video, with a Skip Now option available after 5 seconds. The advertiser pays for the view, only after 30 seconds of the ad has been viewed, or interacted with. If the video is shorter than 30 seconds, a view occurs if the video is watched in full. These ads can run on YouTube videos, or also YouTube videos within the Google Display Network.

TrueView Discovery

Discovery ads, formerly known as In-Display ads, are similar to Google Display Ads, which show a user a preview of your video, along with a character-limited description. These ads are more designed to draw attention and a click to view the video. The advertiser pays based on views, once someone clicks the ad and views the video.


Pre-roll video ads are something you see a lot of larger, more corporate campaigns utilize. These are the ads that run for 15 seconds prior to a video, but are not skippable. These are an updated version of In-stream ads, and can be very beneficial for impression based campaigns. Having a tight message with a slick design can really hammer home your message at a very affordable rate.

Bumper Ads

Similarly to the pre-roll ads, these quick little 6 second ads aren’t skippable. Bumper ads were announced just over a year ago, and the benefit is being able to get your point across immediately. Perfect for a quick splash or branding campaign, bumper ads are the most affordable option.

Back before Pre-roll or Bumper ads were option on the YouTube Ad platform, our team was already doing our due diligence to really utilize that first 5 seconds. Maximizing the use of that first 5 seconds to get your message introduced, as well as your brand, is imperative to any video ad campaign. Whether you’re using any of the various options, that first 5 seconds is going to make or break your user’s attention span.

Do you have a question about Youtube ads? We’re always just one call away! If you or someone you know wants more information about anything to do with digital marketing feel free to reach out via our contact page or just give us a call at the office at 7169898074.