Welcome to Bean Media’s Blog

by | Dec 6, 2011 | Video

My name is Greg Liberto and I have nothing to do with Bean Media Productions (just kidding). Actually, Bean Media Productions has everything to do with me. My business would not be where it is without Mike Bean and his team. So to return the favor, I am assisting Mike in starting his blog. This blog is going to share and educate you on what is required to properly implement video into your business, your social media and marketing strategy, and truly separate you from your competition. You can expect to see engaging content (written and video based) that is both entertaining and informative. Let’s get started.

When I first started working with Mike, I was unsure what I wanted with my video (other than something that told people what I do). I had an idea of what my goals and/or objectives were when starting, but never thought about what to do with it upon completion. Mike taught me the concept of re-purposing video for multiple uses and how to attract customers while increasing my exposure with limited video. Throughout this learning process, I have been able to connect the dots with social media and now possess a clearly defined visual strategy with objectives.

Having a clearly defined strategy starts with thinking. You must take the time to think about what you want and visualize yourself experiencing that success. When you take the time to do this, you increase your creative energy and create ideas you would not have otherwise. Mike has created an entire process that walks you through the appropriate steps to make your first video a success and share your message with your target customers.

In our next post we will share with you how to get started with your strategy. Stay tuned for more