Video IS here to STAY!

by | Jan 10, 2012 | Video

In our previous post, Greg Liberto from INDARE Golf shared his insight on working with Bean Media Productions. In this post I will expand on my experiences with INDARE, I will also share a value added link at the end of this article (I think Sabres’ fans will appreciate). In working with Greg, and other companies, I recognize the importance of creating an exceptional product. Bean Media makes videos that work! When you incorporate the “Bean Media Process” into your next video, you will clarify what you want, why you want it, and who it is for. Here is how.

When embarking on a video project, you must have a clear vision how your videos will be viewed. Knowing your message and your intended audience are the precipice for a successful result. You must understand your message, your audience, how they will find you and what is in it for them. The “Bean Media Process” focuses on clear communication with all involved parties, and ensures that expectations are met, and in most cases exceeded. We show you how to re-purpose different components of your video for your targeted audience. We provide a very specific marketing strategy that incorporates all of the videos we produce for you, ensuring you receive the maximum benefit from your investment. Simply put, our process provides the foundation for communicating your message effectively and accurately.

Video can play an effective part in any line of business. With YouTube quickly becoming one of the top search engines on the web to accomplish many tips and tasks, video is critical for the continued success of your organization. For your business to be found in this new search arena, you must have videos positioning you as the industry leader. By offering value added video content such as learning tips, tools, resources, and more, you will differentiate yourself from your competition while ensuring your longevity.

In the forthcoming months, we will share specific ways to incorporate video into your message and establish you as the industry leader.

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