The TrueView Future

by | Sep 23, 2014 | General

The TrueView Future

When you are considering advertising, one of the most important things to remember is; Who and how many will it reach?  But, how can an ad be effective if the audience you’re trying to reach isn’t where they used to be?  Not many folks are really sitting in front of TV’s actually watching commercials anymore.  We’re all diving face-first into our phones, tablets and laptops surfing social media and browsing the most recent viral videos.

Where are our potential consumer’s finger swiping through you might ask?  Well, probably the top three sites on the Internet: Facebook, Google, and YouTube.  Web advertising, and certainly web video advertising is the new way to engage our audience.  When you’re watching YouTube you might notice that recently ads are playing at the beginning of almost every video you look at.  These are called pre-roll web advertising videos or TrueView In-Stream Ads.  Other methods of advertising like Google adwords or SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and YouTube True View In-Stream Ads will get the new visibility you are looking for.  A TrueView In-Stream ad is an effective new and affordable alternative, starting at only 1¢ per view, using a targeted adwords type format; that’s really not bad!

Web video viewing is at an all time high, and while TV is still a popular advertising medium, TV ads are becoming less effective.  From my experience, working at Bean Media Productions, in Video Production in the Buffalo NY area, I can see where the market is going.  Bean Media Productions has been using web video to Market Buffalo NY businesses from the beginning of this web video boom and we’ve stayed ahead of these trends.  Web Video marketing, with TrueView In-Stream ad content, with a Google adwords style platform, is absolutely one of the best new ways to engage your audience at a price TV can never compete with.  Just think… as little as 1¢ to have a targeted prospective customer watch your video ad…

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Matt D