Paid Ads Strategy | Creepy, Cool & Confusing

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Paid Ad Strategy, YouTube Ads

Bean Media utilizes tools like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to target users with custom messages and custom audiences. Many people today are a little uncomfortable about the way that they are targeted with advertising. Just this week, The Daily Dot did a piece on the millions of dollars that politicians are spending on Facebook leading up to the 2020 election. 

“My phone must be listening to me!?” 

In a way, you aren’t wrong. It isn’t the phone however. All of your activity is being tracked, but not by brand of the advertiser you’re seeing either. The Facebook and Google networks utilize the data and behaviors that you are opted into by using their services.

Then, we utilize tools that these networks provide us to hone in on your ideal audience. Whatever custom audience we select, we take your specific message, and put it in front of users who fall under those stipulations. 

Pretty Cool for Companies

This means that in today’s world, if you aren’t doing any display or video advertising, you’re missing out. Many companies have been at least introduced to Google Search Ads, and may be spending a decent amount on those already.

What they might not be privy to is they can be targeting their ideal user and ensuring that they know that every dollar spent is on an audience that needs to see their message. 

Can Be Confusing

Though companies have access to these tools themselves, oftentimes even larger companies don’t have the time or resources to really take advantage. You have your own things to do in your business, how could you keep track of where all of these messages are going, who’s seeing them, or most importantly, know for certain…IS IT MAKING ME MONEY?

Old ways like paying for a billboard that will be there for a year, or getting a TV spot on Spectrum may seem like a good investment to a lot of people.

But what if you could change that billboard every single day, along with track every person who sees it? What if you could target 10 different videos to 10 different audiences, that you choose ahead of time?

It can definitely be intimidating when you start breaking it all down, but when you have a committed team of creatives at your disposal, it’s all trackable. 

Everything is trackable down to the decimal. When you can understand that there are an endless amount of opportunities in today’s digital world to market your message, you can see that the more minds you have working together, the more effective the campaigns become.

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