Less Talk Selling | Buffalo Beans Business #1 | Bill Knoche

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Buffalo Beans Business, News

For our first edition of Buffalo Beans Business we sat down with a longtime friend Bill Knoche, who has worked in sales for years and takes pride in providing assistance and consultation to salespeople all over Buffalo. We’ve known about Bill’s unique approach from having him in to help us personally, and anyone who’s worked with him knows the magic that he can bring to any industry. Bill’s truly a one of a kind person, and you’ll see the methods and lessons that he can offer both in the workplace, and in life, just from a simple conversation.


One thing that we spoke about during the interview, was the importance of being authentic. Being able to establish a relationship with someone, before they even know you personally, is always important. This is done through being purely authentic. People today can see through lack of authenticity, with as much social media and digital communication.

There’s a difference between a sales pitch and a conversation. In the old days, sales was about putting your customer in a position of failure. Beating them into submission. Today, with the internet providing a source for any information, people will see through this approach. There’s always someone else who can provide services, but can they provide a close, trusting relationship.


Bill talked to us about the way he works with clients. For the first three weeks of the month, he works directly with each member of the team, both individually and as a unit. By using the same techniques he preaches and establishing a close, trusting relationship, he works with each client differently to see how his methodology can help them. It won’t take long to see how his comforting and insightful approach can help any company succeed.

By working directly with clients and focusing on establishing patterns of communication and focusing on the right things, clients start to see change immediately. This change starts with knowing how to communicate better.

10801525_893170264041593_7567752791487198417_n“I know families become better. Women take my training and tell me how much better their marriages get. Men tell me their relationships with their kids get better. But a lot of what i do, a lot of the illustrations and coaching i do, is about communication. It’s about collaboration.”

Check out the full interview to learn more about the power of listening, authenticity, listening through the heart, and everything that Less Talk Selling is all about. Bill Knoche can help benefit your life, and just a simple few minutes of seeing what he is all about will show that.

For more information on Bill’s programming, click the logo below to visit Less Talk Selling or give him a call at 716-980-4753.