Jack of All Trades – Why Hiring 1 In-House Digital Marketing Guru Won’t Work

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Digital Advertising Buffalo, Digital Marketing Buffalo

Bean Media has been helping businesses tell their story for over 15 years. We began as a video production specialist, helping to convert the heart and soul of a business owner into digital trust in the form of quality video. Along the way, Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising became synonymous with marketing and advertising, and we evolved over time to where we are today. A full service digital marketing agency with in house production, strategy and design.

The pandemic caused a lot of pain for a lot of people all over the globe. No Business was unfazed.

People were furloughed, put on unemployment, businesses suffered through the doldrums of the remote era and some decided to fold up shop. We proudly stood strong with our clients and helped get through the hard times, but understand not everyone was so lucky. We continue to forge forward as a team along with our clients to help push through any obstacle and ensure our clients are achieving the best return on their spend as possible.

With a team, these results are much more attainable than to expect 1 person to make it happen.

It is painful for us to see Job Listings all over Western New York and the entire country for digital marketing specialists. You can look anywhere right now and see the workforce is in dire need of digital marketing pro’s. The problem? Many companies are looking to hire 1 person to cover all their bases.

When you factor in that one person’s salary, benefits, and potential for burnout, working with a trusted Agency seems more and more realistic.


We understand how much goes into digitally marketing any product of service. It isn’t simple. We collaborate as a unit to help make it all happen. If we were to choose to let one person handle EVERYTHING that a client needs, we wouldn’t be here after 15 years, or after a pandemic for that matter. The work that goes in is legitimate, and you get what you pay for. Don’t expect 1 person to be able to accomplish all of your goals and intentions, because it just isn’t realistic. You can expect your 1 person to eventually fizzle out and take another opportunity elsewhere, and guess what? You’re right back where you started.


The issue with hiring 1 new employee to take on the endless challenges that digital marketing presents is that you are going to pay 1 person MORE than you will pay an agency team. The cost associated with monthly retainer work with an agency like Bean Media is almost always less than the typical median salary of a digital marketing professional. If you hire someone in house, a real GURU, you’re going to end up paying someone a lot of money to eventually outsource, because it’s just not possible for one person to run campaigns, produce video, produce ad graphics, make site edits, handle inbound marketing, handle your newsletter, and report back on progress. It just isn’t realistic. if you do find a ringer like that, be sure to reward them, because they are damn good. They don’t grow on trees…


As we say around here, It’s all about the Results and the Relationship. When you choose to work with an agency rather than an in-house marketing All Star, you end up having a team behind you working behind the scenes while you focus on what matters most.

Because we are strictly a specialist in digital marketing, we have quite a bit of data, results, experience and proof in our pudding that helps us understand where you stand, and ensure your spend is validated with results. If you don’t like who you are working with, results are great, but finding the sweet spot between results and relationship is always vital. When you have a team behind you who are committed to growing with you, you can focus on growing your business, not looking over your marketing person’s shoulder. We aim to make your life easier, not harder.

Digital Marketing is hard. That’s Why We Team Up.

You don’t need to look very far to find job listings for Digital Marketing Pros. If you or someone you know is looking to hire a digital marketing professional, help them see that working with an agency can be more affordable, produce better, team-led successes, and also allow you to focus on making more money. We can help just about anyone, just give us a call at the studio! We’ll look forward to it! We truly love helping great people reach their dream life.