IT’S 2015!!! New Year’s Resolution Apps

by | Jan 7, 2015 | General

IT’S 2015!!!

Happy New Year! It’s that time where we look forward to the New Year in anticipation and realize all the new things we will hopefully accomplish. Most likely, everyone’s New Year’s resolutions involve weight loss or some other goal that requires persistence and organization. Since everyone is on their phones or tablets nowadays, we wanted to help you in the process of staying on track with listing some apps that can help you with your resolutions. Some of the apps might be free while others could cost a few dollars, either way, they will help you achieve your resolution for 2015.
One interesting app is defiantly one that will keep you running for your life. In the app Zombies, Run! By Six to Start, you listen to the game tell you that you’re being chased by zombies on your work out, which can make for a very spooky workout, especially at night. While you’re on your run, you collect items that will help you fortify your base. Hundreds of lives are counting on you! So get moving with Zombies, Run! And shed of that holiday weight.

Here is YouTube’s Elly Awesome explaining how awesome Zombie, Run! is, as well as other apps that will help your workout out regiment for your New Years Resolutions in this video: For just Zombie run start @2:48

A few other helpful apps that can significantly impact your’ progress are apps like MyFitnessPal for documenting your calorie intake, monitoring your exercise routines and other healthy habits.


Now, MyFitnessPal has a free version, but if you’re looking for an app that isn’t just for weight loss you might want to check out Strides: Goals and Habit Tracker by Pure Signal. Strides is an overall goal and progress log, with a sleek interface, it will run you around $4 on the app store. Although if using technology to try and follow through on your resolutions this year doesn’t float your boat, we also recommend breaking out the old legal notepad. Writing down your Resolutions and realizing you have goals for yourself is always the first step to success. Good Luck in the New Year!