Google Rolls Out Broad Core Algorithm Update | Was Your SEO Team Prepared?

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Buffalo Beans Business, General, News, Search Engine Optimization

Was Your SEO Team Prepared?

Google is the Sheriff of the wild west that is the world wide web. When they make an alteration in their core algorithms, everyone in town must abide by the law. If you don’t, or you aren’t, you’re rankings will be punished. Just last week, Google announced they’d be rolling out a new broad search algorithm.

Following updates in March and April, Google says its advice hasn’t changed:


Google goes on to explain about how this update, unlike some past updates, isn’t meant to penalize, but more about rewarding those who’ve been practicing what Google’s been preaching. There isn’t much a webmaster can do to “fix” pages that drop after an update, but continue to work on website content over time, strengthening and building.

Developing a concrete system to continuously add fresh and engaging content to your website is imperative for your business. Maximizing the amount of organic traffic toward your website takes work, patience, and creativity. In essence, you want to not only help show your company’s voice and culture through everything you post, but want to remain steadfast in providing Google with the proper data to back that voice up. It is they, the Google “Gods” per se, who will choose who’s content is first, no matter what.

You can have the prettiest website you could ever dream up. You can have incredible graphics and imagery. You can have the most interesting brand. You can have all these things, but without the keen experience and attention to detail that SEO requires, you’ll end up with stunning website—that no one can find.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t something you pass off to just anyone. It takes meticulous planning, creative ideas, hard work, and attention to detail. This can be painstaking for many organizations struggling to rank above their competitors. You can spend a lot of money on Google Ads that you could be saving on Organic traffic with the right strategy.

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