Content Writing 101 | 3 Layers of Writing On Your Website

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Content Writing

Ask any marketing company how to build content and you might get a different answer from every one. The fact of the matter is we are all playing the Google game. There are many best practices when it comes to writing for SEO. Search engine optimization helps you develop a better relationship with your ideal conversion or user. The way we look at content is three fold, it has to appease your user, the bots, and you, the client.

One key factor to content is that it must be positioned in a way that best demonstrates a great user experience. Here are three different ways your website can be used to help demonstrate your value and help convert users into $$$. This comes into factor when pushing traffic from both organic and paid channels.

Layer 1- The Cover

Your home page is the equivelent to the cover of traditional print magazines, or even a print pamphlet. It must provide ENOUGH content to show you provide what the user is looking for, but not bury them with too much information up front. It’s lifecycle should be planned accordingly, as the front facing page along with your menu structure is usually the first thing a user sees. We must plan ahead to ensure everything is properly organized and written in a style that is introductory, helpful, and inviting.

Layer 2- Internal & Info Pages

The second layer of your website’s content consists of our deep information. This information is still considered “client facing” as it can be reached from our top level pages. This includes your pages that feature your top services, and informs the user of what you do and how you do it. This layer is not only vital to the user, but the bots as well. SEO at this level is crucial as this is what makes up much of what is called your “cornerstone content.” You want this layer to really be written in a way that helps SEO, but also demonstrates your individuality and differentiating factors. Design can help with that, but the content and copy is what really brings it home.

Layer 3- Blog & More

This third layer of content is just as important as the rest, but may change more frequently. This section is your malleable, ongoing content. This is the stuff that is updated frequently with fresh and new information for (AGAIN) the bots as well as the user. It is with this layer of writing we have more autonomy and freedom. The user can use this section to learn more on a particular service or story, learn more about the current events of an organization, or even submit user generated content! As opposed to the first layer, which would be like print, and the second which would be more like a textbook, this is sort of like your own little newspaper. We can use this to give your company an identity and also tell great stories.

videographers working behind the camera on location

“You deserve a team who cares about your work as much as you do.

— Jer Mountain

As you can see, there is a lot of planning that goes into content. You can work with just about anyone to develop a website, but you’ll find many website builders will charge extra for content writing. Why? Well because it’s hard, and time consuming. If you ask us, the writing should be included in the plan for the website. Without the copy, you’re just looking at design and you aren’t truly caring enough about your user or your potential conversion.

We take our work very seriously, and outside of pleasing the user, and the Google Bots for SEO, we work hard to ensure everything we write makes YOU THE CLIENT proud. We are storytellers at heart, and whether its a page on a website, a video script, a design ad, or even a simple Call to Action you deserve a team who cares about your work as much as you do.

If you have any questions regarding your content, your website, or your marketing, don’t be shy! We are a team of digital marketing creators who are constantly scratching to learn more about the process and help others best understand what they COULD be doing with their digital marketing. Let’s chat! Go Bills!