Buffalo SEO Strategy | Google Search Console Ain’t What It Used to Be

by | Jan 29, 2019 | News, Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Console, Like Riding a Bike Right? Wrong.

Google really knows how to keep digital marketers on their toes. If you stepped away from working hands-on with Google services for a a year–hell, even a month– your return would be something like the way someone looks after a Men in Black mind eraser. The old saying “It’s like riding a bike.” does not apply to Google. Working with Google Search Console after not logging in for a few months would be more like stepping into the cockpit of an 757 and having your copilot say “Let’s Go Captain.”

Working with companies both here in Buffalo and around the country, we’ve seen ample changes in the world of SEO over the years. One key component of a productive and successful SEO campaign is your integration with Google Search Console.

Some of you are probably like, wait…..What is Google Search Console?

Search Console is Google’s free web service that helps provide tools to optimize your site, and increase the overall search rank. You may even know it still as it’s original name, Google Webmaster Tools. It enables you to do things like see errors, see search traffic, submit URLs, submit Sitemaps and much more.

The bottom line is Google Search Console helps your website rank higher. What was Webmaster Tools a few years back has changed drastically over the years, and Google just unveiled a few more changes set to move in motion in the upcoming months.

Changes to Google Search Console for 2019

  • Google hopes to begin closing the old Search Console by March 2019.
  • Crawl errors report and API are going away
  • The old sitemaps report is going away
  • Fetch as Google is going away
  • User management is going away
  • Structured data dashboard is going away
  • HTML suggestions is going away
  • Property Sets is going away 
  • Android Apps features are going away
  • Blocked resources report is going away

These are changes that impact your SEO teams strategy, and if they aren’t on top of it, it will effect the way your site ranks. Have you talked to your SEO team about how they utilize Google Search Console?

You obviously want your website to be found for what people are looking for. Kind of like, how Alex Trebek reads an answer, and Jeopardy contestants provide the question. You too want to think of what their answer is, and target the questions, or keyword searches that they will query.

If you’d like to talk to someone here at Bean Media about your SEO strategy, just give us a call at the office, or fill out our contact form. We provide original, engaging content that speaks in your organization’s voice, and target keywords that are going to drive conversion worthy traffic to your site. Let’s talk about how we can get above your competition.