Are the Sabres Like Web Video?

by | Jan 21, 2012 | General, Media, Video

The NHL is now leaving the All Star break behind and the Sabres are hitting the ice again. As I watch the Buffalo Sabres struggle in the 2011-2012 season I can’t help but think that change seems inevitable.  Weather the team’s talent is sub par, the league style has changed away from Lindy Ruff’s coaching system or the group has lost motivation some change will be needed to get to the next level.
I look at the Sabres and compare this to the conscious change I have made with my company in 2009.  I saw my clients intimidated by television advertising pricing while marketing as a whole took a back seat with a struggling economy.  What I did was turn towards a more affordable way to implement video into the marketing strategies of local businesses.  I saw a problem with the current system and made a change to suit the present and hope for the future.  What happened…?

I put Bean Media Productions in a great position by gaining an early understanding of one of the fastest growing marketing tools on the web, Web Video Advertising.  I did this by leaving our focus on TV and old video mediums behind.

How can the Buffalo Sabres learn from this experience?  I would say look at the trends of the NHL.  Some will say the NHL is getting bigger, faster and younger. Others say the NHL is getting boring.  No matter what your take is, the NHL is not going to change to suit the Sabres.  There will be a need to adapt in some way.  As I didn’t completely alienate TV all together, still staying loyal to the ones whom still had interest, the Sabres too need to find the right mix.  The Sabres will need to take a look from an outside perspective and predict what changes will aid them in winning this Stanley Cup the the ownership seems to be determined to win “at all costs”.

I personally feel this coach is not a great fit for these players. If I were going to stick to my comparison, of media and hockey, I feel the Sabres need to evaluate who is more important.  Are the core group of players TV or Web Video…?  I’m thinking Lindy Ruff is most likely TV here…
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