Allow Your Business to Thrive in 2021 | Partner With A Digital Marketing Company

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Buffalo SEO Agency

The New Year’s Honeymoon is Over 

It’s February, so by now nearly all of our resolutions are laughable and 2021 has not been the grand revelation that we had hoped it to be. That is life. I am not a fatalist but hope rings most true with a bit of oomph behind it. We were not simply going to turn the page on what was regarded as one of the worst years in human history overnight. We are the ones who were there, participating in history, and we are the ones destined to change it. Making our hacky new year’s resolutions a reality, making our reality one we want to live in, will involve a new frame of mind born of more grit than hope.

What We Lost

Within the world of business, it is hard to ignore that many independent small businesses have closed, and closed for good. It is gut-wrenching to think of how many businesses that were open for decades closed their doors for the last time due to the perfect storm of hellish circumstances. This tumult does offer a new perspective—with everything in the business world having changed, everything is new.

What is to Be Gained

               There is a real opportunity for a fresh start for many businesses. I can only offer this sentimental view towards business; it does not extend to individuals. Individual Americans have shouldered the heaviest burdens of the pandemic, with close to 10 percent unemployed, and 30-40 million Americans at risk for eviction or foreclosure, the silver lining of 2021, if we can create one, must start with business.

               Business partnerships proved to be key in the mutual success throughout the pandemic. Those that partnered together weathered the storm with less trouble and loss than those who went at it alone. At Bean Media Productions, partnership is what we pride ourselves in. To market a business, a marketing team needs to know what they are marketing, but also, who they are marketing. There are several reasons to partner with a digital marketing agency, here are a few that are key in moving business forward.

Brand Awareness

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 What makes your business unique? Our team will take a deep dive into your brand, but also of your competition. The work of building on what is strong, detailing and growing what needs improvement, and brightening up your content through graphic design, high quality video, and concise writing.

Staying Current

It may seem impossible to keep up with your company’s payroll, scheduling, inventory, client relations, etcetera, and keep an eye on the financial markets and the marketing and business trends that will very much affect your business. It seems impossible because it pretty much is. Hiring a group of professionals to know how to shift marketing dollars to different platforms that will maximize your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and improve the visibility of your brand.


team works together in the office

It was difficult to proof-read your own high school term papers when you were a teenager, and fortunately or unfortunately, this logic extends to business. In order to get an objective view of the way your business is perceived, experienced, and interacted with, an outside perspective trained in seeing the subtleties in media and marketability puts your business in position to be improved without changing the work that you have given.


Our perspective at Bean Media Productions comes from our team. Sure, ‘great minds think alike’, but we are all different, and it is that difference which sets us all apart and makes us unique. Each project, each ad set, each draft of what Bean Media Productions produces is critiqued by several members of our team to ensure that what we are creating for your business is received by the intended audience with the greatest possible impact.

The New Business Landscape

This is an entirely new business landscape we are venturing into, but the rules have not changed. There is opportunity to thrive in this strange and new economy, but the right partnership is key. At Bean Media Productions we will continue to produce innovative advertising content and strategy for businesses to tap into new markets, grow their current business, and serve long-standing, and brand new clients through video production, ad design, social media presence. If you have any questions regarding your content, your website, or your marketing, don’t be shy! We are a team of digital marketing creators who are constantly scratching to learn more about the process and help others best understand what they COULD be doing with their digital marketing.